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Vegetables Serving Bowls

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Material: Ceramic

These colorful serving bowls are versatile and perfect for single serving sizes. They are suitable for serving dips, salsas, dessert, ice cream, dressings, sauces, appetizers, side dishes like olives and bruschetta, just to name a few. They are not only adorable as serving bowls but also handy as snack bowls or for prepping ingredients. They work well for a variety of uses.

These bowls are made of lead free ceramic and stackable which helps to save more spaces in your kitchen. Smooth and delicate surface make them easy to clean with soap or simply place them into dishwasher.

Designed with fun and cute unique styles, these ceramic bowls will absolutely make an amazing and lively presentation on your table, their assorted colors also add a stylistic touch and brighten up your mornings and meals with your family.