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Glass Dessert Bowl In Pink

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Material: Porcelain, glass

Give your food and snack a worthy and beautiful storage or simply anchor your dining room centerpiece with this eye-catching porcelain jars. It features with a bamboo tray and glass lid covers that will create attractive cookie jars or fruit bowls. It will certainly stand out no matter where you set it. The pink porcelain and the lid cover are fine and smooth, simply wipe clean with cloth for maintenance. The base is made of bamboo which are firmly spliced and eco friendly.

The lid cover makes this jar set more unique as it helps to cover your leftover or keep the food fresh. The delicate texture along with round and smooth shape, this is surely a great way to decorate your dinning and tea table. Bring your friends and family over to enjoy this warm yet luxury tea party.

Whether it is to serve nuts, seeds, fresh or dried fruit, snacks, side dishes, it gracefully compliments the whole atmosphere and you'll be sure to enhance your kitchen with a decorative storage display. Besides its uses as a snack box, you can use it as spice labels or a spice rack for your favorite ingredients in prepping food.