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Rotatable Dividing Food Storage

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Material: Plastic

This food dispenser provides huge convenience and easy access for anyone looking to maximize space and tidy up room in the kitchen. These dispensers are great for beans, cereals, powder or any grains etc. All the dry foods are now easily accessible with just a press of the button for a controlled portion.

This makes a wonderful choice for your kids in serving themselves without creating the mess. Easy, quick and convenient, kids will absolutely find the joy in making food for themselves. They will find it fun while watching the cereal fall perfectly into their bowl and the moms can rest assured that they won't spill any cereal in the kitchen.

With this food dispenser, it prevents grains or other dry foods from perishing, keeps food sanitary and germ-free. Moreover, it is featured with an airtight seal which helps prevent food from going stale and preserves freshness.