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Persimmon Tea Pot

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Size: 8 x 7 (cm) / 3.1 x 2.8 (inch)
Volume: 140 (mL)

As a plant, persimmon carries the symbolic meaning of kindness and longevity. When displayed with mandarin oranges, they represent a wish for one’s success in business ventures with good business luck in all undertakings. Persimmon is a fortune symbol that means to convey business success and career advancement to receivers. These pots definitely create wonderful tea gift set as a housewarming gift or for your business partners.

These little persimmon tea pots are must have items in your tea accessories collection. The pot replaces a typical pot with a fun and attractive fruit inspired style that will surely add a fresh and friendly atmosphere during your tea party. On top of that, the bright color of the fruit adds more vibrancy and cheerfulness to the table.

Not only is it used for tea, you can also use it as apothecary jars, honey pot, spice jars, jars for dried herb or flowers etc. Moreover, persimmon ceramic pot can be used as a house ornament or living room decor to embellish the monotony of life. The shape is realistic, smooth as it is delicately, thoroughly carved and detailed.