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Melany Tealight Lanterns Collection

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A: 25 x 11 (cm)
B: 36 x 15 (cm)
C: 26 x 13 (cm)
D: 26 x 12.5 (cm)
E: 27 x 24 (cm)
F: 40 x 24 (cm)

Gold frame: 20 x 11 (cm)

Glass cup: 6 x 5 (cm)

This versatile holiday candle holder is very practical to use in your daily life. The multipurpose use ranges from air plant hanger, bar light, porch light to family Christmas ornament. It comes with multiple styles so that you never lack of choices to build a prettier home. Wherever you place it, it is going to lighten up the room and bring the warmth, freshness to the atmosphere.

The little hanger makes it easy to take out the gold frame light bulb for changing. Whether it is plant, candle or light bulb, it will surely be a very eye catching and elegant for a modern home decor.