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Gradient Tall Floor Vase

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Material: Glass

These gradient black plant pots come with three different sizes ( sizes are shown in pictures ), each of them is a beautiful work of art. Simple design yet graceful and elegant, it creates beautiful arrangements with just a few flowers. It can be used to display succulents, flowers, cacti, or a wide range of flowers and plants. They are suitable for most types of indoor plants and are sure to look stunning wherever you decide to place them. Use your favorite flowers/plants to create a lovely centerpiece and gorgeous scene on your dining table, windowsill, office desk, balcony, kitchen, studio, bedroom etc.

Single stem of flowers is also gorgeous and will brighten your living room or window stand. This vase is fully glazed and there won't be any leaking. It makes arranging flowers so easy. Decorate your dinning room table with roses or your favorite kind of flowers, it brings a warm and lively atmosphere and brightens up dull spaces. It is a perfect accent as a modern home office decor.