• Holland Green Clear Vase

    Holland Green Clear Vase adds an element of artful appeal to the space, gives the surrounding character and sparks conversation among the guests.

  • Bria Clear Glass Vase

    Bria Clear Glass Vase instantly creates an eye-catching display of greenery on your window still. The clear glass material allows you to showcase items from within.

  • Thinker Statue Vase

    Thinker Statue Vase is meticulously detailed and crafted for a realistic appearance. It stands out individually or all together to create a fun collection for your room.

  • White Handbag Vase

    White Handbag Vase infuses your space with the trends of all time. With collection of your favorite plants and flowers, it makes a lively work of art. Perfectly used with either fresh or faux ones.

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  • Stirring your drinks

    Looking for both style and functionality? These glass pieces will add superior style to mixing your drinks!

  • Mixing your drinks

    Wavy Glass Stirring Spoon is great for all types of mixing and stirring in mugs, cups, and so many more!

  • Enjoying your drinks

    Easily stir and mix up cocktails, drinks, juice, coffee, and milkshakes at both at restaurants and home.

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Crystal Sweet Bell Pepper Figurines

Add a unique and lively sweet bell pepper figurine to your kitchen and dining room to create a brightening and vivid atmosphere. Our bell pepper piece is made of crystal that sparks the modern, creative and eye catching for the guests.

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  • Golden Lucky Leaf

    Golden Lucky Leaf brightens your home and makes your room so much more vivid and gorgeous.

  • Golden Relaxing Man

    Golden Relaxing Man showcases a man's resting moment in a sleek golden finish for an additional artful allure.

  • Isla Abstract Metal Art

    Isla Abstract Metal Art adds modern and chic style to your home and instantly elevates the space.

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  • Ruby Oval Bud Vase In Blue

    Ruby Oval Bud Vase ties your space together in an effortless style.

  • Ruby Oval Bud Vase In Amber

    It offers a visual intrigue to your living room and office with a dramatic oval shaped design.

  • Ruby Oval Bud Vase In Black

    The vase surely makes a bolder statement by filling it with freshly cut flowers and greenery.

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  • As a plant, persimmon carries the symbolic meaning of kindness and longevity. When displayed with mandarin oranges, they represent a wish for one’s success in business ventures with good business luck in all undertakings.

  • Persimmon is a fortune symbol that means to convey business success and career advancement to receivers. These pots definitely make a wonderful tea gift set for a housewarming gift or for your business partners.

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